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Public Building

PP Grooming Center

This project is designed for a client in South Africa. The aim of the Project was to change the environment friendly, inviting and luxury .The water feature and water reflection and sounds in the entrance and angular lines create the mystery and inviting space for the customer who are passing the store Using three different textures all over the store to make it unique and recognizable for the customers. Mirrors in the store help to spread light throughout the space in particular because there are no window and opening in this section

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Phasellus fermentum

This was a residential unit which was converted to a fashion and style showroom and showcasing of their products and tailoring. the space was cramped .by using the mirrors, deeper perspectives was created manipulating the view.

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Venus Walk Shoe Shop

varying height adjustments of showcases make it easy for the customer to see all items from different angles and eliminate blocking of certain items. Framing shelves on the wall in red will attract customers’ attention toward the shoes on display.

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Industrial Style Residential

The industrial style interior connects the client need and the heritage consideration of the building. Creating functional spaces is the biggest challenge when it comes to industrial loft living. Furniture is used to separate the floor plan by living room, office/studio, bedroom, and dining area. Sectional or large sofas will be instrumental in this task, as will long ottomans and tables. A plethora of wood and metal surfaces can be found in industrial-style interiors. It’s no wonder that earthly tones and neutrals are popular color choices for these spaces

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